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CGSB standards

After a lot of incredibly hard work, and many volunteered hours by Martin McCooey (Maritime Fence) And Robert Tower (Del Metals), we are pleased to announce the Canadian General Standards Board has completed the new Chainlink specifications.

This has been an ongoing project and we are very happy to provide this new specification to our members.

Please see the links below and download your free copy today!

CAN/CGSB 138.1-2019: - Fabric for chain link fence - P29-138-001-2019E-PDF

CAN/CGSB 138.2-2019: - Steel framework for chain link fence - P29-138-002-2019E-PDF

CAN/CGSB 138.3-2019: - Installation of chain link fence - P29-138-003-2019E-PDF

CAN/CGSB 138.4-2019: - Gates for chain link fence - P29-138-004-2019E-PDF