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The CFIA website has now been optimized for mobile phone and tablet usage.  When browsing to our site it will automatically detect your device type and change the layout of the site to fit your desktop screen, tablet screen or mobile screen while still offering you the full content of the website.  No more pinch zooming and scrolling to get to where you want to go.  No more clicking the wrong link because it was too tiny on the screen.  This is not a slimmed down, half usable, mobile version either - all the content of the full website is available to you in this improved and optimized view.

In addition to the new and improved CFIA layout we have also created a better experience when viewing FenceFocus online.  When you choose an edition of FenceFocus that you wish to view, it will launch an online viewer that allows you to browse the pages in an easy and fun way.  This new viewer requires no file download and no 3rd party plugins.  It just launches directly into the viewer and you can start reading in seconds – no dealing with downloaded PDF’s or clunky PDF viewers.